Hemp Shield Introduces Log Home Treatment Product Line

Hemp Shield is introducing a new line of state-of-the-art wood protectant products formulated for use on structural logs — Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is available in Clear, Cedar, Redwood, Hickory, Chestnut, and the new Cobblestone Gray. Like all Hemp Shield products, Log Home Treatment™ is made with 100% pure hemp oil, non-formaldehyde fungicide, algaecide, and mildewcide, and the finest trans-oxide pigments.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is non-toxic, emits no hazardous air pollutants (HAP's), and produces very few fumes. "Clear" Log Home Treatment™ contains 9g/l volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and colored versions contain 48g/l or less VOC's. Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is suitable for interior or exterior use on all wood species used in log home construction.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ has out-lasted other national brands in Accelerated Aging Chamber testing, and almost completely blocks tannin bleed-through on cedar. A penetrating oil compound, Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ can also help prevent and minimize cracking in logs.

Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment™ is available from the Online Store, with free shipping on orders of two or more gallons.

New ASTM Test Results Show Hemp Shield's All-Around Performance Superior To Nationwide Competitors

"You can't judge a book by its cover..."

That old saying applies to wood protectants as well as literature. A product's label may contain performance claims, but important — and often overlooked — factors determining long term performance of an outdoor wood protectant such as resistance to ultra-violet (UV) light, adhesion, coverage, volatile organic compound (VOC) content, and microbial resistance, can only be determined by testing.

Recently a major national home improvement chain asked for tests of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer against wood protectant brands that they currently sell. The photos and accompanying test results and analysis demonstrate that Hemp Shield out-performs its nationally marketed competitors in American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) tests.

To view the ASTM test results, click the link below.

test results

Results From New ASTM Labratory Tests, Data Analysis, And Information On LEED Tax Credits, Click Here

Eco-Friendly Hemp Shield Tops Cedar Tannin Bleed Test

Tannin is a dark brown, acrid oil found in many trees, including oak and cedar. In outdoor use, tannin will become concentrated, staining and darkening the wood’s surface, especially following the grain.

When choosing a wood protectant for outdoor cedar decks, fences, and furniture, tannin bleed through is a major factor to consider. Recently a manufacturer of pre-finished decking materials requested a head-to-head test of the wood sealer they currently use versus Hemp Shield.

In the ASTM test shown here, cedar 2X4’s are masked, the sealers are applied to the test areas, and each board is exposed to a 500 hour torture test of heat, humidity, and intense ultra-violet (UV) light. The masked edges show the test stock’s original appearance.

The national brand samples are darkened and discolored by tannin from below, with the surface finish almost completely removed by UV and humidity from above. In contrast, the Hemp Shield samples are nearly unmarked, with only a few visible stains. The Hemp Shield finish has preserved the original tone and color of the wood, while the boards treated with Miller have been visibly greyed where tannin has not completely discolored them

New Comparisons: Hemp Shield Vs. Penofin & Cabot

Click the link below to see a head-to-head comparison of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer with Cabot Semi-Transparent, and both Penofin Red & Blue label products.

link to P-C-HS comp

Hemp Shield Passes White Oak Tests With Top Marks

A frequently asked question concerns the suitability of Hemp Shield for application to closed grain wood speices such as white oak, teak, redwood, and tigerwood. Before July 2012, only limited testing on these speices had been done. Now, results from extensive furniture industry testing provide solid data showing that closed grain woods accept and incorporate Hemp Shield as readily as open grain wood types like cedar and douglas fir.

Southern California wood furniture manufacturer Jerry Belsha recently tested Hemp Shield for use on a new line of white oak furniture. He posted the following comments on the LinkedIn Doors & Windows Manufacturers Group, a business-to-business networking group:

"Just completed our test and I must agree with you, David. One coat was quite sufficient!

"The white oak is fairly tight grained but it took the finish nicely. Minor puddling was unavoidable but a simple wipe with a rag was all it took to remove the excess; somewhat like using the old-time wood stains (slop it on, wipe it off). Humidity was high the day of application so dry time was extended into the second day.

"Very pleased with the satin finish as well as the color intensity of the tinted product. Comparing the Hemp Shield colors to the Penofin product, Hemp Shield wins hands down. Thank you for a most excellent product!"

"It Must Be Better"

From the beginning, the development of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ has been driven by one overriding principle — Hemp Shield™ must be superior in every way possible to the established brands of water protectant. During an early discussion, Hemp Shield's founder Dave Seber stated that, "It must be better than what's available. If Hemp Shield doesn't out-perform the national brands, why are we even trying?"

Following that mandate, every ingredient used in the formulation of Hemp Shield™ is the highest performing, most environmentally friendly product available. From the 100% pure virgin hemp oil to the high-tech oxide colorants used to tint Hemp Shield™, performance, not price, drives material selection.

The pure hemp oil on which Hemp Shield™ is based is not only non-toxic, its small molecules penetrate wood deeply, transporting formaldehyde free fungus, mildew and algae preventers with it. This results in the most long lasting water protectant on the national market. Long after petroleum based national brands have worn off the surface, deep penetrating Hemp Shield™ is still protecting your outdoor wood.

Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer™ exceeds its competitors in every aspect of outdoor wood protection by following a simple formula — every ingredient used in Hemp Shield™ is the best performing, most environmentally friendly compound available, regardless of cost.

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